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The face reminds me of the shambler from Quake, this is horrific in the rad kind of way.

Nice use of a more limited pallet and lover the patterning on the kimono.

RomeRome00 responds:

awawaw thank you for noticing <33

I would love to know more about this.

RomeRome00 responds:

AaA well, he is my friend like a cherub of those that the bible describes (these with three heads and four wings) XDD, I am not religious we just start talking about things and end up in this(?)
- I didn't put the other two heads because I felt weird so I combined them into one

Very nice. I like the spaced-out expression.

RomeRome00 responds:

thanks <333

This is really cute and you did greyscale without it getting too muddy, the only comment I would make is to push your darks and use the whole value scale.

RomeRome00 responds:

tysm for the advice i will try to use it later <33

Clean lines, remember you can vary your line weight around the curves to give them the sense of extra volume.

A lot of potential the face is quite good but the same quality of volume and line applied to the body would do a lot of good. Everything above the neck is high quality stiff but the body is lacking that attention, especially the legs. Practice your anatomy, make sure you represent the volume and curvature of the limbs, even if you make them tubes they have shape and you shading on the legs particularly doesn't quite work to show the viewer that. The work you have seems maybe rushed, you definitely can make thing look nicer with more time, and the more time you put in the faster you'll be in the future because you've improved.

It's a bloody 'roo!


You do a lot more with a lot less, refine this, hone this, this is good stuff. You have a good use of the elements of formal design here the composition is a bit stiff but I can't argue with those other bold choices like colour and line.

Ambrux responds:

Wow thank you so much, in that case I will start doing some work on composition and hopefully I will improve!!


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